Wednesday, December 23, 2009

JUHL Juhl Wind– and the Rules of Low Volume Trading

Rule #1: Never own a stock that's not worth owning.

I like JUHL because is in a growth industry and manages its debt well.

Rule #2: Only trade what you do not need soon.

Because it may not be easy to get a buyer when you need one, this strategy is for money that you will not need any time soon (within the year). While this makes low volume stock less attractive, that is precisely why we get to profit where others take a pass.

Rule #3: Know the history of a stock.

Low volume stock develop trading patterns over months and years. Check out where the low and the highs are for the last 6 months. Look for ping pong pattern bouncing between these buy and sell points. These patters develop as the price bounces between the bid and ask price. Ride the spread, and patiently wait for those periods of increased activity. In the case of JUHL, the price has been bouncing between 1.82 and 2.00 for nearly a year. That is a 9% gain every time you are able to complete the trade.

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